Money in my trunk as I pull up This meeting is one of a kind 

I keep my guard up as I walk towards the building 

I hope my men are ready to fight, I have snipers covering me, i feel blind as the sun streaks into my eyes

They said I was a dork, well when I walk through the door 

They will have a new hell of world to explore

I won’t stop playing this game, I am ashamed, they made fun of me

Now my job asks me to eliminate them 

I have little patience

Boss mentioned that they will be resilient 

They will hinder your goals in many ways 

But you must stay sane, you must not let them see you as a traitor 

But as a believer, so i will work with them, for this brief moment, and then I’ll be back later to finish off these haters

Nervous around her 

It’s all my fault that you aren’t mine I should be fined 

Drinking too much 

I feel I might explode in anger 

I loved you then 

But I never showed 

When you stared at me 

My heart would explode 

I wanted your love 

But didn’t have the courage to show 

Hoping to have another chance

I won’t let go 

I’ll die with your memory if I must 

But who am I kidding 

Do take me seriously 

Wanting you in my life 

That is something that I want 

Getting through the pain is a must 

Feeling the lust 

As I hold you in my arms 

You are beautiful love 

Looking deep into my eyes 

As you stare I ask god to give me this one chance 

Too do this one right 


You want to know who I am I am a god

More like someone who needs to take time off 

These lyrics are trash 

As I hear a crash 

I look outside the window 

It’s some idiot who thanks he can rap 

As I look back, I think of all the things I could’ve had

But now it’s too bad, you chose the pussy path

Now your life is fucked and you are asking me why 

This isn’t what I expected 

I was restless, I still am 

This anxiety is killing me slowly 

I don’t even know who I am 

As the Light begins to fade 

I stare at the black wall 

I am beginning to fade 

Because I’ve been hated 

As he puts the bullet in my brain 

My existence has been put too shame

Unrealistic tragedy 

I got a glass full of Hennessy I say as I wait patiently 

Let’s get fucked Up 

Because that’s what I love 

The pain that is disappearing 

These songs that I am reminiscing 

I should feel these things but I don’t 

I am all alone, writing my songs 

Having you by my side, as I try to take off

Just you and I, everyone else is left behind 

You are amazing, beautiful, and crazy 

I am assuming, that you won’t like me 

But that is true, we don’t know each other

You aren’t even my friend what could we be but nothing

These feeling that you have they are careless 

I think as I try to sleep 

I shouldn’t dive into anything, carelessly I will fall, because I have been brought up as a demon by the sound of the call 

I will take the crown, as it’s mine to own 

You can run but that is something I don’t condone

You lie and now you run with fear in your eyes. 

Won’t stop

Yea yea yea Look how I roll

When when when 

Did you think that I would fall

Shooting me in the back wasn’t enough 

I feel I am taking on a underling

Girls check me out as I wear my bling 

Don’t tell anyone I rap or sing 

They will say that dude ain’t shit

But unfortunately I don’t give a shit 

Love keeps me alive but that’s only because I’ve never had a broken heart 

Haven’t dated a single girl, but I have dreamt about them in my sleep 

Believe me when I say I am weak 

I barely eat, talk, and sleep 

I am neither neat, strong, and Keen

But I want to be all that you ever need

Loss of love 

Shots full of Blue goose Pipe full of weed 

Now I am so fucking gone 

How the hell will I leave 

This club full of girls

Wanting me to stay 

Feeling so confident 

I should rob a bank

I’m just fucking joking 

I just wanted to tease

Give me some codeine 

Relaxing for the week

Rolling some ecstasy 

I hope I don’t drop dead 

I whip out my dick 

And feed it to her and her friends

They beg for me not to leave 

But baby I got someone back home

Breaking her heart isn’t what I need

So please stay quiet as I sing this song 

Knowing finding true love is hard 

But the drugs will fill the void in my heart

Wanting to be something 

I get so fucked up, trying my luck Hoping they will love my song 

Do not remind me twice, that I need to change my lines 

These lyrics can be hard too write 

Especially when no one hears them

I don’t want to lie, but I am scared of this thing called life 

I am falling without luck 

I am losing my ground 

Well I be able to get up 

As I lose this round 

I feel lost as hell