Royalty, it couldn’t be me Hoping you have seen this meme 

What does it mean 

Not sure buts it creepy 

He sent it without I requesting it

I should have lied and done a split 

As I shit on your slip 

That you generously gave 

I hope you won’t be ashamed 

But I am taking you out of the game. 

Stage fright 

My eyes are getting hazy What’s this feeling that I am craving 

This loss of tasting love 

Money I got isn’t enough 

Fame I have won’t last 

My heart is crying my life is crap 

What should I do that’s exactly right

So they can change their judgment as I take flight 

Heading for California 

Hoping these songs have grown on ya 

Remy ma, I don’t know who you are 

Hoping my raps will get far 

I work with what I have 

But I won’t get far 

Your song 

I know what I’ve done I know that I’m not the one

As you sing your song

I just smile along 

Enjoying what you worked so hard on 

It hits me head on 

I am jealous but still strong 

You’ve won this round 

I will gain my ground 

Slowly or hopelessly 

What ever that gets me going 

I will get them back with no mercy 


 Impossible to do, not true Feel this rhythm as I rap the truth 

They say i am wasted,trade my life because it’s too the point where I hold a cane 

Growing old I am scared too be alone 

Who wants to hear me out 

No one, that’s what I thought 

I should’ve sought, fought for some new path

Now i try not to cry, spacing out as I fry these fries

I pivot as these digits sit in front of my face

Did you lose it, choose it 

Life isn’t waiting around for you boo

Did I woo her with my tunes 

In my dreams , screams are heard till I can’t breathe

This fear that shoots into my brain, pain walking around like it owns the domain 


Touching, moaning, holding it Having you close as we make love

You crouching, wild , letting it out 

Emotions that we can’t control 

Come out as we tease out loud 

It’s a dream, as I sleep 

Home alone, bored, wanting to be close 

To someone as I wonder who will want me 

This ain’t something I want you too see

My experiences are weird, my life is weird

I want to fly and touch the sky 

But that won’t happen anytime soon

Part ways 

I want too see you time to time Making you mine is a dream I can’t fulfill 

It’s a shame for us to part without much talk 

I couldn’t start the conversation, complications are what I am made of 

Should I tell her how I feel 

As I feel this eel electrify me I have tears fall down obsessively 

I shouldn’t say it here 

This love is not something that exists but that’s lost too time 

As I shit, fix, trick myself  

To love, be tough and speak soft 

As I yell out the door

With everything like a fool 


Driving out in a Lamborghini Got a girl named Mackenzie

She likes to keep me happy

This isn’t a true story 

Shocking, what did you perceive 

That my energy shouldn’t be wasted on fake dreams

Writing garbage while I drink codeine 

Feeling relaxed , but I got black lashed

They say drugs are bad 

Who knew 

well I was confused 

When my mom slapped me across the face 

Reality came running back as a case I needed to take