Oh ah ah baby I want you only you. Look at my heart it’s beating non stop for you. So save me. Before I fall for these drugs. To afraid to listen to my heart. Minds got me depressed as fuck. In a cage thinking my life is lost. 

Oh baby I am tired. I think I have had enough. These games people play. It’s to rough. To heartbreaking making me nauseous. Sickening as I am tumbling down thinking I’ll be a star. Love love why can’t I express this love. Please stop please don’t leave my arms. 

Waiting for nothing. Having chances but I do nothing. Look at you so beautiful but I am just a copy. No different then the devil himself. Don’t want you loving an addict. These drugs filling the hole that you should be in. Single ready to mingle. No I am not. Fucking get lost. You don’t want this blackened heart. I’ll only bring you up top with these drugs. Then you will leave knowing you’ve had enough. 


Head down. alone now. Something’s don’t change. 

Wanting to cry. lying mind. My conscious is strange. 

Talking to myself. hiding from the light. Please get me far away. 

No no no I won’t run away. It wouldn’t make sense to leave my family in a terrible state. 

Don’t want them to feel the emotions that I feel in my state. 

Wanting her love. Just the two of us laying naked in the dark. 

Oh love your heart must be the remedy.

Been searching for it. Need to feel the warmth of your lips. 

Never knew this could taste and feel so good. 

I want to die with you by my side. 

Knowing I fought for what I sought. 

Oh oh I love you angel I love what we got. 

Love Sex And Stupid Me

Where did you go. When I need you the most. These drugs won’t fill the void in my heart. Please come talk to me. Please release me from this dark. I’ll stay if you stay. I’ll take us far away to some dark place. Where paradise is for the wicked. Go crazy to the games we play. You light the place up like a star girl. ooh baby you are for sure my girl. Alone and paranoid. Do drugs because we live life for the day. ooh baby I hate being an addict. But its hard to stay away. Your sex your words carry me away.

I think I need love for the day. Something that I don’t believe I’ll get. I need you laying next to me at my place. Hurt you I won’t. Lick you everywhere like a snake. The afterlife I go to won’t be for my babe. She deserves everything that I can give. She is a star girl. oh yea she can go insane. But she is good to. Wicked games then I want to play. She isn’t perfect but she gets through everyday. Do what you do because there is nobody like you. I want you to meet my crew. They can make you right. ah yea ah yea but will she come my way. After she has had enough will she love me. Or will she leave for someone new. No matter I never cared. I just hope she makes it through.

I love the fact people stick to one. But my lust and cravings aren’t just for one. I dreamed about having just one. But now It’s not something I want. Marriage is about trust and fighting for one. No cheating now I am lost. Cheat I will if she is far. Couldn’t stand you divorcing me. So I’ll be single because I don’t deserve true love. I am not the one you want to be holding on. I am not for you. Yes I love you. Once married but you cheat it will tear me up. So I’ll stay alone. Fuck some hoe. Maybe win over a good girl. Get her and her friends number. Treat them right no matter who they are. I just want to play but do right. 21 and a virgin to the game. Name a drug I want it to kill this serotonin. Memories are unfoldin. Showing my innocence that I ain’t missin.


You want to love me. Yea sure you can. But if you leave I won’t hold on. If you stay I’ll still break your heart. Because I saw her last night. Me and my boys were fucking high. She and I did things you won’t like. So tell me what we are. Because I want us to be acquainted. Not something broken into a million pieces. Because I have feelings for you. When I am with her I think of you. When I am with you I think of her my boo. I want more then one. I want to be a star. I want us to reach for the stars. Together we’re stronger not when we’re apart. So bring your girlfriends and we can fuck until dawn. I know I am wrong. Oh girl I am so wrong. If I hit it once know that I’ll remember our love. If your ever alone know I am alone too. 

Again XO

I want to be feeling high again. Feeling depressed again. Spending weekends alone. Wish I had a girlfriend. But I won’t keep you for long. The next day she will be gone from my bed. I’ll be writing lyrics while sad. I think too much. I sin too much. But I don’t give a fuck. I know who I want to be. I know it’s not so easy. People will look at me. The pressure might bring insanity.

But I need that stage. Even if I am afraid. I want to be feeling high again. Feeling depressed again. I need some fucking ecstasy. So I can dance with your babe. I don’t need to explain. Her attitude I needed to replace. Now she smiles again. Something you took away. Look I got a permanent cough. Drinking that syrup again. I still kissed her in the mouth. We both fell into the trance.


I am so fucking lost. Where did I go wrong. Did I become too damn soft. How can I sing this song. When truth isn’t coming from my mouth. I see her now. Dancing with someone else. 

She looks towards me. 

I look towards her.

 If she wants to dance with me. She has to let go of the angel. I’ll have you step down for free. Baby I’ll get you dancing with the devil. Just whisper that you love me. So I can learn to love me. Just tell me that your happy. Our love makes me happy. I need some drugs for free. Because I constantly bleed. I constantly weep. I constantly dream. Of you and me. But nothing comes for free. 

It seems I’ve lost my sanity. So baby sorry I can’t love you like him. But I can fuck you all day if you can. I can hold you while he yells at you for your lack of accomplishments. I think I need some ecstasy. But where do I begin. Before the devil beckons for my dick. She is strange as am I. We aren’t meant for this world. But she fell in love with what’s mine. Now I beg for more. We fuck all day and night. Something a good girl wouldn’t do for a guy.

I am so back, I am so bad, I am so bad. 

Can you be honest with me. If I love you will you fuck me all night. Baby I’ve been thinking all day. I’ve never had a taste. I’ve been working all day. So get on top of me. Let your love wipe this stress away. Just don’t expect me to stay. Don’t look for me to blame. When part of you had a part to play. You wanted this money. You might’ve called me honey. But the drugs were hitting you hard. Oh baby they were hitting you hard. The other ladies were hating you hard. They were wishing to split me up. Wanting this love that I’ve given to one. It’s only for you until the nights done. It’s only for you until dawn. 

Turn away 

You mean so much to me. I would fight for you endlessly. Where ever I go I want you next to me. I love you so much. Even if the stars die I wouldn’t give a fuck. Only beauty I see is you. You changed me from being a freak. To someone who isn’t scared to weep. I accepted being a coward. Now I don’t turn away from cruelty. I hope you will accept the fact that I am intimate with others. I hope you will forgive me. I couldn’t look at you without telling you that you are my significant other. But there are many out there without someone. It brings me back to who I used to be. A nobody with girls walking away without a say.  Everyone of them girls makes me glad I am not who I used to be. I want to get to know them. Life seems boring without curiosity. But there is always a spot for you if you want to play. The more the better. The louder you are the more I crave. Let’s get on with it just don’t turn away.