Once a king 

She freaking rocks. When she talks She sounds like an angel from the stars. I am a fucking god. Looking for someone who shows any luck. In keeping the throne with strength and integrity. It was no one but I who was at fault. I led my kingdom through war that was already lost. Alone and afraid I wasn’t up for the challenge. It was burning in front of my eyes and I couldn’t fathom. That I the great king could be toppled and led to being isolated to the bottom. 

For her sake 

Sometimes I am happy Next thing you know I am depressed 

Is it her and these regrets 

Or is It I haven’t matured enough to be the best 

Is this stress going to give me a break 

Or will I be torn from this misery like something fake 

Something that shouldn’t have been created in the first place 

But for her sake I’ll push forward with aggression and aim for first place 

Different dreams 

You got a hold of me Changed me like it was meant to be 

I will drink through the night 

If you aren’t around me 

This kite has fallen looking unlike anything seen 

I wish it’s just you and me 

But dreams aren’t necessarily clean 

Seeing different stories hurts me 

I thought you would stay with me 

But the next scene has more of a bloody feeling 

Much more scary as the devil is amongst me 

I am moving on so there is nothing here to see 

If you ever need me just call please 

Locked and loaded

Think about it oh just think about it
Where I might end up if I just work on it
Living with parents but hoping for a mansion
She is a deterrent as she makes me self conscious
But it's not her fault I am just feeling unconfident
Money is a necessity but won't give me what you bring
I am locked and loaded as I click
Feeling the beat and spitting
Spinning out of control like a freak
Living my life because my chapter is incomplete


Shorty wants to ride with me.
Tell me what you want codeine, Ciroc, or ecstasy.
We cruising through the streets no kidding.
We like to party all day and all night long.
Tell me I am bad honey even if I hop like a bunny. Sounding like I am funny and sing songs like I am horny. All day and all night long. Got some friends to pick up I heard they fucking lazy.
Saying shit like stupid slim shady is crazy. They should slap themselves very aggressively.
I hate people who discriminate artists for their raps and songs. Nigga you couldn't be on top. You sit at home all day drinking and smoking. Doing pills like nothing will go wrong. Get your head out of your ass homie. We only live once. You here trippin and trapping. Wickedly rapping. No happiness and treacherous. I'd put a whole magazine in you laddie.

Her glare

I love the way she stares
But no words come out
How many times will I fall out
Losing it but I have no words
She looks like she has no interest no more
Outside I am alright but inside I have no roll
This hell that I've put myself in won't let go
I have to be honest baby
I got you this rose but will you die or let it grow
It's not that I would hate you
But is our love filled with emotions or are we looking dead beat drunk
Not taking care of ourselves when luck is pushed far
Not smiling just wanting the day to go by
I hope she and I cross and possibly intertwine

Not looking back

I don't want to leave this room
Everything outside makes me look like a fool
Wherever she goes I'll be there in the rear view
Whenever she wants my heart she just has to give me the queue
I've realized I belong to you
I feel the darkness but it's so unlike you
I am nothing without you
This pitch black has changed my view
Life is disturbing and not easy to live through
But baby with you life is blooming and the devil is singing too
This music has gotten me to the point
I can't look back when the dagger is pointed at you
I'll fight anyone for you
All you ladies do things that make me look like a fool
And that's where I see beauty boo