Shorty wants to ride with me.
Tell me what you want codeine, Ciroc, or ecstasy.
We cruising through the streets no kidding.
We like to party all day and all night long.
Tell me I am bad honey even if I hop like a bunny. Sounding like I am funny and sing songs like I am horny. All day and all night long. Got some friends to pick up I heard they fucking lazy.
Saying shit like stupid slim shady is crazy. They should slap themselves very aggressively.
I hate people who discriminate artists for their raps and songs. Nigga you couldn't be on top. You sit at home all day drinking and smoking. Doing pills like nothing will go wrong. Get your head out of your ass homie. We only live once. You here trippin and trapping. Wickedly rapping. No happiness and treacherous. I'd put a whole magazine in you laddie.

Author: XOSunnyXO

I am 21 years old and I live in the United States. I like to rap and sing as my inspiration is Abel tesfaye aka The Weeknd.

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