I want to please you

All I want to do is please you
You can't be compared to anyone
I have dreams of you, I am a fool for you
Can you say the same
Probably not but it's okay
I am weird and attached to you
Don't take my heart and later give it back
I might get emotional and run laps
Around and around until I realize I am last
You've taken my cards and emptied them
Just like my heart you leave nothing left
I go home to find it a mess
No need to clean it just burn it
Light everything on fire with me in it
I won't hurt myself I am to big of a pussy
But if you need rescuing I'll be there in a hurry
I am crazy for you please believe me
I would leave my family and crew for you
But I can't give up on my dream
Making music will be a reality

I am sorry

I want to please you
Wherever you go
I want to be near
If I lose i want to leave you complete
I can't stand being embarrassing anymore
When you are around I want to be perfect
But that won't happen as dreams don't come true
I have flaws and you look insane
I've said this before so I must be feeling the same
Haven't changed and still awake
Can't sleep when you are on my mind
Laying in bed eyes wide open
I need someone so I can explain
I might be done playing this game
But I can't possibly change
Not when others are behind me
I can't give up I am sorry for mistaken my problems with what you believe

I can’t be king

I've never felt it before
I've fucked up as you come through
I don't want to feel loose
I want to drink and feel blue
I am emotional but nobody sees
Maybe I should forget I take ecstasy
Get out into the gym I've always loved
I want to drown in my blood
Taking my voice far won't be happening
I might have forgotten I haven't been crowned
Someone like me can't be king

Fans hate me

I haven't made any songs
They wait but I just carry on
I am hoping to release some songs
By the end of this year but I will get it done
Feeling faded and drinking like I've lost my loved ones
I have only half my heart so please carry on
Everybody is selfish who would've thought
Even family will bring you down
I don't need them I want the crown
Without it I am lost
I want love well can't I talk to a girl without feeling anxiety
I get wild and feeling excited
But as she comes around I have drowned
I have lost so please get out

I hate my life

Grey Adidas look at them fiending
White t shirt with blue jeans
No need to look cool for anyone but me
But that girl walking by is something
Should've put on a suit and tie but I ain't partying
I came out for business and I chill when working
Just kidding no need to be serious
I take these lyrics around like a merry go round
Wish I had a private jet so I could fly all around
The amount of money I'll need is surmount to my expectations
My lung is burning from this liquor I am tasting
Can I sing without her existence
The angel that came my way
She might not come again and I hate it
I don't want my family if I can't fall in love
Nothing matters more then love to me but I don't push hard enough
So they aren't to blame
But I am devilish so I might turn on them
You gave me life well you might have to end me
I have grown without rose buds I have weakened
I don't want to die alone
I don't want family
I despise my parents for bringing me into existence
I hate my life no matter how I improve
My sister might have my back but I still can't fall in love
So get out if you can't understand my loss the cause I am selfish and lost
I wish I could tell her I love her without this anxiety taking place
I don't rhyme so what you can't take my place
I will die one day, embrace my words while you can

Hungry For Her

You can take my heart just give me the drugs

I’ll bring my pain you bring the high

don’t feel like we have run out of luck

we won’t live long so don’t be shy

I need some weed, it helps me be creative

the drink helps me control my shakiness

I’ve fallen into this love that I wont be able to explain

this love comes from hell, the part that’s down at the bottom

Jamie your love I’ve felt, I am moving on but something still follows

its my lonesome heart that I want forgotten












I am useless when my mind talks to me
I am clueless when she comes around
My friends want me to come around
Be myself again but I've fallen in love with the crown
I am dangerous around other drugs, I act like a hound
Sometimes I need to stop and think for myself
But no matter what I am still crawling on the ground
Unquestionably I need a better hobby
But I found singing to be releasing
I will push through and improve on the road
I am going to be a star or die trying
Laugh all you want but I've put my mind on it
No going back as I sit here in darkness
Lonesome and feeling hungry for this lust
Wanting some pussy in my arms
Seeing her with another guy broke my heart
But I never spoke up
I let her go and I felt the loss
Will she come around again I just pray
To god who knows about what I've said
I have sinned but don't break my families heart
They don't deserve the hell that's waiting underground