I recommend this 

I recommend you play this on the radio 

It’s got the same feelings and thoughts 

She said she doesn’t love me 

Don’t worry baby girl most don’t 

I’ll do what I do best and take off 

But I can be a friend you admire and love 

Or be someone shitty in your dreams 

Either way don’t forget me 

Think of me when you are in distress 

I’ll come to your rescue like superman 

Don’t fear this flying man 

I haven’t experienced being on top 

So don’t say too much that will hurt my heart 

I need you and it’s all I understand 

Most won’t understand me 

But I hope you see the way 

 gladly run into my arms 

As I rescue you from the pain 

deep down in your heart 

I Am Nothing

Just someone who works hard

around the clock hoping to be

someone others can look at

be pleased with what I have released

wait until I begin to sing

it’s awful but I hope to improve

if you doubt me than leave

I don’t need people who annoy me

I fucking practice everyday

I can only show you my life

but you can’t ever experience it

these shoes aren’t for you

so don’t lie to my face

I am still not ready to give in


Loving her and feeling love for another

I can’t get them out of my mind

she had my heart but the other knew the truth

I have become horrific in this expedition

I tear them apart but feel clueless


I am filling my mind with nonsense

and she is still far away

I think she is loving this game

but I am not as I look at my face

I am something that doesn’t deserve leverage



I don’t want to lose

This life won’t be controlled by you

I spit like a typhoon

causing disaster like I should

She sits in awe as I smoke

shocked she got married to this fuck

I am ashamed and lost

I say that a lot

but look let me explain this to you all

I am ahead with a brainless mind

in disguise trying to find my way through life

not knowing who I am and feeling hate

this summer suck’s without my best friend

he talked to me the most when I felt like shit

I hate that I was born this way

but I am saying whatever I want

until I drop to the ground

so stop spitting you aren’t like me

I might have a terrible lower back

but I can endure the whole pain

seeing her is twice the pain

knowing I am a loser is a new smack to the face




You Got Me


You got me looking at you

I loved the view

but it changed so suddenly

am I afraid, I am totally

but don’t let me change

it was you I held onto

but all I do is dream

and this story is fake

so deny it’s any good

and look away with hate

I spit bars like no man

I can’t freestyle by the way

I had too much to smoke

but I hope to make a change

give them something that will work its way

up to their brain and show a path

to a treasure that’s been hidden away



I hate hell

I see it everyday

maybe I can’t compare it to how you live

but I don’t know you very well

so what is their to say

can you explain why I am this way

can you take me away to some far distance place

where only girls exist

because she is all over my mind

I am to scared to feel heartbroken

I don’t know where to begin

I want her even though there are others

I get attached too quickly

maybe I just need a break