Loss of love 

Shots full of Blue goose Pipe full of weed 

Now I am so fucking gone 

How the hell will I leave 

This club full of girls

Wanting me to stay 

Feeling so confident 

I should rob a bank

I’m just fucking joking 

I just wanted to tease

Give me some codeine 

Relaxing for the week

Rolling some ecstasy 

I hope I don’t drop dead 

I whip out my dick 

And feed it to her and her friends

They beg for me not to leave 

But baby I got someone back home

Breaking her heart isn’t what I need

So please stay quiet as I sing this song 

Knowing finding true love is hard 

But the drugs will fill the void in my heart

Wanting to be something 

I get so fucked up, trying my luck Hoping they will love my song 

Do not remind me twice, that I need to change my lines 

These lyrics can be hard too write 

Especially when no one hears them

I don’t want to lie, but I am scared of this thing called life 

I am falling without luck 

I am losing my ground 

Well I be able to get up 

As I lose this round 

I feel lost as hell 


Thinking back as I play chess Of how I got back stabbed 

By a good friend

What I always lacked 

Was the confidence

But he was there to get me off my knees 

Now as I sit alone 

Thinking about the shit I own

He could’ve had it too

But it all went so wrong 

My trust in him was like a brotherly love 

Keeping me up was his job 

And he did it with great undeniable love

But now as I sit alone and contemplate 

Where did I fuck up 

This feeling of loss is hard 

But I must go on 

As I play chess with no one but myself 

I quit it’s to damn boring being alone 

Taking out my notebook I write lyrics to another song 

Getting rich is a dream come true 

But coming with a heavy price 

This isn’t what I knew 


As I get on stage The crowd goes wild 

Put the Mic close to my mouth 

As I get ready to slay 

I am not so brave 

I’ve been drinking hoping to be drunk on stage 

I feel anxious and tired for this day 

Wanting to end this quickly as I feel paranoid 

These concerts I hate so much 

It’s not because of the fans 

It’s because of who I am 

I hate being in the center of attention 

It’s such a shame 

But I will get through this like any other day 

As I know in my heart it will lead to glory and fame. 

But that is not all 

I have a story too tell 

It might not be about me but it could be about you

Skull reaver 

Skull reaver was tempted to put a bullet into the soldier. The soldier disobeyed his commands several times, and reaver had little patience right now. He was in command of the gargantuan army that would lay siege to freelance union. If everything went as planned he thought. They assasinated his wife aurah and feeling this immense pressure too do something has led reaver here. Staring down at the field looking at the faces of every soldier, he yells, you will not engage the enemy tonight. This did not come as a shocking report. The soldiers were to just prepare for a possible attack scenario. Skull reaver was leading a small task force to get inside the base and neutralize without causing too many civilian casualties. He still cared about the people and he saw them as unnecessary casualties. Their would be 15 men in this mission. They were supposed to infiltrate the base by some secret sewer that not many knew of. Skull reaver got the men for the mission ready as they packed weapons and ammo. Knowing that a single mistake could mean their deaths as they would be considerably outnumbered. 

Feeling alone 

I need to know what you feel. When i am asleep I dream about you. I didn’t know you would love someone else other than me. I feel so lost, where did I go wrong. Was I shy, stupid, or weird. Those are my personalities I don’t think I can change. Being someone you want is not possible. But if you make me mine I will give all my love too you. 

Demonic lust 

Been drinking all night, wanting some girl to fuck. I am so lost as these drugs hit but I don’t give a fuck. Should’ve made better decisions in the beginning but now who cares. I protected her from this person whose size was the equivalent of a brown bear. But leaving her was necessary as I couldn’t beir. The thought of settling and having a wife. Breaking her heart wasn’t my goal but feeding this selfish heart is all I know. I enjoy a different girl every night because I couldn’t bear too see neither of them twice. They are so beautiful that they deserve more than this, but my selfish heart won’t agree with it. It fell in love once but now and forever it’s torn apart.