She is stuck to my thoughts 

I see a shooting star I look away and head for the bar 

I don’t know what I want 

But when I saw her shine 

She stuck to my thoughts 

Baby girl I want to know who you are 

I say it so much. I might die with that final thought. Blah blah blah 

I say it to much. Guess I am losing my touch. 

It’s gotten dark. I want some cocaine to speed my thoughts. 

I am a demon. Disguised with my sweet thoughts. 

I am seeking the throne 

I was caught stealing Scared me so I was seen reeling 

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be 

These drugs tore a hole into me 

Changed me to some inexplicable being 

So shitty with this story 

That people think I am a phony 

Cold to the touch you though I was frozen like a mummy 

Name given is sunny which is hilariously funny 

But that name has nothing to do with my reality 

Lost to the throne that was for my safe keeping 

I can’t fathom the horrible inadequate story and music that I am writing

I just hope that it gets me closer to the throne that I myself am seeking 

My junk is part of who I be 

I have been frequently unhappy with myself. These thoughts want to harm me. She comes into my dreams frequently and I can’t help myself. But feel lethargic and shitty. The devils hand tries to reach for me. She whispers in my ear giving me positivity. With all the chances and possibilities I end up with uncertainty. I want to make love because I’ve been lonely. I think to far and she has gone far from me. I don’t want to be vulgar when I am so sweet. I don’t want her to go or I start taking drugs consistently. My family and friends can’t help me. So why don’t you all get lost. I love being alone with my own songs. Don’t need anyone to appreciate my junk. 

More then sex 

My heart has been misshapen. From all the adversaries that I’m facing. My mind has been fixated. On this one girl who I am chasing. I don’t want you to mistake me. I ain’t looking to get inside those panties. I want you to hold my hand and lead me. I want to enjoy your personality. Some say I can’t love another when I don’t love me. I need to keep us on the same level or it won’t be happening. 

Once a king 

She freaking rocks. When she talks She sounds like an angel from the stars. I am a fucking god. Looking for someone who shows any luck. In keeping the throne with strength and integrity. It was no one but I who was at fault. I led my kingdom through war that was already lost. Alone and afraid I wasn’t up for the challenge. It was burning in front of my eyes and I couldn’t fathom. That I the great king could be toppled and led to being isolated to the bottom. 

For her sake 

Sometimes I am happy Next thing you know I am depressed 

Is it her and these regrets 

Or is It I haven’t matured enough to be the best 

Is this stress going to give me a break 

Or will I be torn from this misery like something fake 

Something that shouldn’t have been created in the first place 

But for her sake I’ll push forward with aggression and aim for first place 

Different dreams 

You got a hold of me Changed me like it was meant to be 

I will drink through the night 

If you aren’t around me 

This kite has fallen looking unlike anything seen 

I wish it’s just you and me 

But dreams aren’t necessarily clean 

Seeing different stories hurts me 

I thought you would stay with me 

But the next scene has more of a bloody feeling 

Much more scary as the devil is amongst me 

I am moving on so there is nothing here to see 

If you ever need me just call please